Minyaa Suite is a set of plugins enhancing many features of your JIRA, organized in different Minyaa Editions. Each of this editions brings more flexibility to JIRA and optimizes its use.

Time tracking and reporting, Workflows Designer and some Workflow Functions enhancing issue validation are some of the features of Minyaa.

Discover the lastest : Minyaa Reports and also Minyaa Core.


Minyaa Workflows extends the way to define and use workflows in JIRA.

Get a better control of your data and discover all workflow features unused by JIRA.



Minyaa Time is the most effective way to manage time spent on your projects in JIRA.

Improve time capture and benefit from more flexibility with time reports.



Minyaa Reports provides a new Scheme to manage your predefined reports.

Capture any Report Configurations and share them with your colleagues.


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